A rap villain: chillin’ and I don’t give a fuck about a killin’ cause I’m still in effect when you’re illin’.

Kool G. Rap, “Jive Talk,” from Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo’s Wanted: Dead or Alive, 1990

Me and Frosted went to get a drink.
But she ordered somethin’ bugged, and I ain’t know what to think.
She ordered potassium, calcium,
Carbohydrate, scotch with sodium.
She took me to her crib, threw me on the couch…
I woke up the next morning with a spoon in my mouth.

LL Cool J, “Milky Cereal,” Mama Said Knock You Out, 1990

So lovers of life, don’t keep your hopes up high.
Why? Cause it’s just a matter of time before it’s your turn to die.
But until then, when you stop breathin’,
It’s time to stand up and fight for what you believe in!

Sticky Fingaz, “2 Wrongz,” from Onyx’s All We Got Iz Us,  1995

I remember when I fell from my first bike:
There were no ‘Are you okays?’ and rarely ‘Are you alrights?’
Just dirt in my pockets, handful of gravel…
That’s when I realized that getting up is only half the battle.

Big K.R.I.T., “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Live from the Underground, 2012

Slim Shady: Hotter then a set of twin babies
In a Mercedes Benz, with the windows up
When the temp goes up to the mid 80’s.

Eminem, “Forgot About Dre,” The Chronic 2001, 1999

Fake MC’s – they always act hard
But won’t walk the streets without their bodyguards.

Guru, “Suckas Need Bodyguards,” from Gang Starr’s Hard To Earn, 1994

I’m not a sucka, so I don’t need a bodyguard.

Rob Base, “It Takes Two,” from Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s It Takes Two, 1988

The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken,
It’s all contractual and about money makin’.

Black Thought, “What They Do,” from The Roots’ Illadelph Halflife, 1996

Back in the days when I was a teenager,
Before I had status, and before I had a pager,
You could find The Abstract, listening to hip-hop,
My pops used to say it reminded him of be-bop.
I said, ‘Well daddy don’t you know that things go in cycles.
The way that Bobby Brown is just ampin’ like Michael.
It’s all expected, things are for the lookin’,
If you got the money, Quest is for the bookin’.

Q-Tip, “Excursions,” from A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory, 1991

I got 304’s in 310 on Section 8, with multiple 187’s
Sport a Marilyn Manson t-shirt when I die and go to heaven.

Ras Kass, “3 Card Molly,” from Xzibit’s 40 Days & 40 Nightz, 1998

Rebel, renegade, must stay paid.

KRS-One, “I’m Still #1,” from Boogie Down Productions’ By Any Means Necessary, 1990

L is the rebel type, I’m rough as a metal pipe,
Fuck a Benz, cause I can pull skins on a pedal bike.

Big L, “Represent,” from Showbiz & A.G.’s Runaway Slave, 1992. Happy Bornday Big L, Rest in Peace.

Everybody’s got opinions on the way you’re livin’,
But see, they can’t fill your shoes.

Andre 3000, “Synthesizer,” from Outkast’s Aquemini, 1998

Niggas is decaf, I stick ‘em for the C.R.E.A.M.

Method Man, “Bring the Pain,” Tical, 1994

Beef is best served like steak:
Well done, get a gun in ya face.

Pusha T, “Exodus 23:1,” 2012 (via egotripland)

Rappers can’t sleep, need sleepin’,
B.I.G. keep creepin’,
Bullets heat-seekin’,
Casualties need treatin’,
Dumb rappers need teachin’.

Notorious B.I.G., “Unbelievable,” Ready To Die, 1994

The line between playing to win and sin is thin,
But I walk it with grace and I talk it with taste.
I am that raw, simply put, and I rest my case.

Cee-Lo, “One for the Road,” Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, 2002

Deja vu, tell you what I’m gonna do,
When they reminisce over you, my God.

CL Smooth, “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.),” from Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s Mecca and the Soul Brother, 1992

Stop raising your voice at me,
Stop messing around with my sanity,
Got me in a bubble, I can barely breathe…

Truth Enola, “Voicetress,” 12", 1999

Spam ain’t the move it’s imitation ham.
Ham is pork, and the pork is foul.
Kinda like a pig and that ain’t my style.

Milk Dee and King Ad Rock, “Spam,” from Milk Dee’s Never Dated EP, 1995

God works in different ways and it shows…
And everybody knows, love comes and goes.

Ed O.G., “Love Comes and Goes,” from Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs’ Roxbury 02119, 1993

I got a funny feeling like something was real wrong…
Looked at her shoes and her feets was real long!
Then it hit me, Oh please God no,
Don’t let this ho turn out to be a John Doe…
He pulled a fast one on me, yo!

Fatlip, “Oh Shit,” The Pharcyde, Bizarre Ryde II The Pharcyde, 1993

This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul, this is gospel
This is sanctified sick, this is player Pentecostal.
This is church front pew, Amen, pulpit,
What my people need and the opposite of bullshit.

Killer Mike, “R.A.P. Music,” R.A.P. Music, 2012

There oughta be laws against you yappin’ your jaws.

Guru, “Take it Personal,” from Gang Starr’s Daily Operation, 1992

When you fall for a girl named Hope
How you gonna have any when she decides to go?

Machine, “NuBeginning4∞”, from Quelle Chris’ Shotgun & Sleek Rifle, 2011

I swear these niggas from the future…
Where they got camouflage chains and invisible gats
Cause I don’t see none of the shit I hear in their raps.

Quelle Chris, “Sleek Rifle,” Shotgun & Sleek Rifle, 2011

We brag on havin’ bread, but none of us are bakers.
We all talk havin’ greens, but none of us on acres.
If none of us on acres, and none of us grow wheat,
Then who will feed our people when our people need to eat?
So it seems our people starve from lack of understandin’
Cause all we seem to give them is some ballin’ and some dancin’,
And some talkin’ about our car and imaginary mansions.
We should be indicted for bullshit we inciting,
Havin’ children deaf and pretendin’ it’s exciting.
We are advertisements for agony and pain.
We exploit the youth. We tell them to join a gang.
We tell them dope stories, introduced them to the game.

Killer Mike, “Reagan,” R.A.P. Music, 2012

I own the night…the heat’s my receipt.

Ka, “Cold Facts,” Grief Pedigree, 2012

Using numerology to count the people I sent to heaven,
Produces more digits than 22 divided by 7.

Immortal Technique, “Hidden Track,” Revolutionary Volume 2, 2003

Niggas running around fantasizing like they’re Peter Pan…
Your life’s a scam and I’mma fuck it up like Neverland.

MF Grimm, “Fame,” The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man, 2007

Your mom’s in our business…she’s in our business…
Can’t you see, girl, that your mom’s trying to end this?

K-Solo, “Your Mom’s In My Business,” Tell the World My Name, 1990

I gave birth to most of them MC’s…
So when it comes around to the month of May,
Send me your royalty check for Mother’s Day.

Roxanne Shanté, “Have a Nice Day,” Bad Sister, 1989

What’s the remedy? Suckaz better get their own identity,
And to the enemy, you better roll like there’s ten of me.

A.G., “Next Level,” from Show and A.G.’s Goodfellas, 1995

I make chicks consider themselves widows whose husbands ain’t even died yet.

Chino XL, “How It Goes,” I Told You So, 2001

Laugh now, cry later: this is the karma.
Hip-hop never died, it’s just sick of the drama.

Cormega, “Journey,” Born and Raised, 2009

Lookin’ out at the world through my window pane,
Every day has many colors ‘cause the glass is stained.
Everything has changed but remains the same,
So once again the mirror raised.
And I see myself as clear as day,
And I am goin’ to the limits of my ultimate destiny,
Feeling as though somebody somewhere is testin’ me.
He who sees the end from the beginning of time
Looking forward through all the ages:
Is, was, and always shall be.

MCA, “B-Boy Bouillabaisse (A Year And A Day),” from Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, 1989. Rest in power, Adam Yauch (1964 – 2012).

Let me spell my name out for you, it’s Ricky:
R: Ravishing, I: Impress,
C: Courageous or Careless,
K: for the Kangols which I’ve got,
That I wear everyday and Y: Why not?

Slick Rick, “Mona Lisa,” The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, 1988

This is doomsday for MCs with hollow skills,
Who talk about clothing articles and dollar bills,
And fake ass rides that they don’t even drive.
Hip-hop is war and only strong MCs will survive.

Holocaust, “Doomsday,” from Killarmy’s Dirty Weaponry, 1998

You could either ignore this advice, or take it from me:
Be too nice, and people take you for a dummy.

MF Doom, “Deep Fried Frenz,” MM.. Food, 2004

I’m a menace to society,
But girls in biker shorts are so fly to me.
After the date, I’mma want to do the wild thing…
You’re talkin’ lobster? I’m thinkin’ Burger King.

Ice Cube, “I Ain’t Tha One,” from N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton, 1988

Put this in your CD-ROM:
www dot Canibus dot com.
You can find me on the Internet, talkin’ to chicks
That was sweatin’ me off the ‘Music Makes Me High’ remix.
I be talkin’ mad trash, tryin to get ’em to laugh.
See, if I click and drag long enough I’ll get the ass…

Canibus, “Making a Name For Ourselves,” from Common’s One Day It’ll All Make Sense, 1998

Money…really wasn’t part of the rap.
Paid…was havin’ people start to clap.

Nouka, “Mix Tapes,” from The Nonce’s World Ultimate, 1995

I wake you up and as I stare in your face, you seem stunned.
Remember me? The one you got your idea from?

Rakim, “I Ain’t No Joke,” from Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid In Full, 1987

Y’all niggas ain’t ILL…you’re ILLogical.

LL Cool J, “Ill Bomb,” from Big Kap & Funkmaster Flex’s The Tunnel, 1999

When I was born, my mama’s pussy had the new car smell.

Royce Da 5’9", “New Money,” Street Hop, 2009

I’m not sayin I’m a pothead, cause I’m not.
I’m just sayin that I smoke a lot.

Keith Murray, “High as Hell,” It’s a Beautiful Thing, 1999

And how ‘bout the non-blunt rollin’ females
That always fucks it up ’cause they don’t wanna break their Lee nails?

Redman, “How to Roll a Blunt,” Whut, Thee Album?, 1992

Hits from the bong
Make me feel like Cheech,
And I’m kickin’ it wit’ Chong.

B-Real, “Stoned is the Way of the Walk,” from Cypress Hill’s Cypress Hill, 1991

Infrareds on little people standing with some big heads,
I was Captain Kirk, walkin’ with a black t-shirt.
LAPD, the nurse asked did my knee hurt?
I was in pain, little Martians tryin’ ta take my brain,
Hospitals came, detectives wrote down my name.
I was to blame, my life never been the same.
A true story; I tell ya, it’ll never bore me.
My classmate died, my other friend named Cory
Drinkin’ 40s, he jumped out the project window,
Stabbed himself with a yellow number 2 pencil.

Kool Keith, “Object Unknown,” from DJ Spooky featuring Kool Keith Object Unknown, 1998

Destiny made a mistake and gave my fate to someone else.

Joe Budden, “Going Thru the Motions,” Mood Muzik: The Box Set, 2012

Friends: how many have ‘em?
How long before they split like atoms?
Don’t ask me, but what I do stand behind
Is someone havin’ your back seems hard to find.

Posdnous, “The Book of Life,” from De La Soul’s Plug 1 and Plug 2, First Serve, 2012

Shorty, let me tell you about my only vice:
It has to do with lots of lovin’, and it ain’t nuttin’ nice.

Q-Tip, “Electric Relaxation,” from A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders, 1993

I’m on some tax-free shit by any means,
Whether bound to hit scheme or some counterfeit C.R.E.A.M.

GZA, “4th Chamber,” Liquid Swords, 1995

I’m like an eclipse on a Friday the 13th,
With black cats and Haley’s Comet,
Blazin’ blunts in my driveway…

Redman, “Cosmic Slop,” Dare Iz a Darkside, 1994

I don’t respect killers, I respect O.G. knowledge,
Codes of the streets got new rules, but no guidance.
Lessons, detrimental to a young disciple;
Folks, take care of your brothers, niggas do as I do.
Keep your enemies close, where they can see you.
It’s not your enemy who get you, it’s always your own people.

Nas, “In Between Us,” from Scarface’s The Fix, 2002

I am the manifestation of study,
NOT the manifestation of money.
Therefore, I advance through thought,
NOT what’s manufactured and bought.

KRS-One, “Original Lyrics,” from Boogie Down Productions’ Edutainment, 1990

…Cops just surrounding me with pistols everywhere.
They put me in the backseat of their car handcuffed,
Pushed out them chests like they’re big rough and tough.
A cop come and said ‘You’ll never sell your guns now.’
I said ‘It doesn’t matter, you’ll sell them anyhow.
You take the guns from me, you sell them for a fee;
Anyway you put it, they’ll get in the city!’

KRS-One, “100 Guns,” from Boogie Down Productions’ Edutainment, 1990

We can’t complain for this borrowed time;
So don’t misuse yours, cause you can’t borrow mine.

Big K.R.I.T., “Wake Up,” 4Eva N A Day, 2012

We live in an era where it ain’t about dope rhymes.
When beef is online, and how big is your co-sign…

Jon Connor, “Hova Mojo,” The Blue Album, 2012

Every night I pray to God: ‘Please, no more wack MC’s.’

J-Ro, “Likwit,” from Tha Alkaholiks’ 21 and Over, 1993

You pout like a trout in a drought…can’t get out.
You want to scream, but fish can’t shout.

MF Grimm, “King of New York,” Scars & Memories, 2005

Yo, where the teachers went, with all that pro-black shit?
Where all the conscious niggas, who used to chat like this?
See, I remember yesterday when y’all was Gods and Earths,
Egyptians and metaphysicists on the verge of giving birth
To Understanding, and planting seeds that grow.
Now everybody’s on that bullshit about killing and so.

Wise Intelligent, “Conscious Style,” The New World Order, 1996

Shakespeare’s gone, don’t even think about it.

Dr. Octagon, “Blue Flowers,” Dr. Octagonecologyst, 1996

She’s not impressed by your fancy car.
She got a body so she’s snotty and she don’t care who you are.
So don’t get mad and dis her reputation
Callin’ her a floozy, any conversation.
Mad grammar, backstabber, girls they wanna be her.
But like Stevie Wonder, none of y’all can see her!

Positive K, “A Flower Grows in Brooklyn,” The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills, 1992

Tell ya mama to stop flirtin’ boy, I’m not a good step-pop.
I interrupt your little session…and wreck shop.

Bumpy Knuckles, “GrEaTnEsS,” from DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles’ KoleXXXion, 2012

Look here: “Mo’ money, mo’ problems,” my ass.
You’s a naive cat if you still believe that.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, “Pop Shots,” Osirus: The Official Mixtape, 2006

I was always taught my do’s and don’ts:
For do’s I did, and for don’ts, I said I won’t.

GZA, “I Gotcha Back,” from the Fresh soundtrack, and also on Liquid Swords, 1994

A prejudiced man is of a devil mentality.
These are words of a wise man, wisdom;
Take a taste and erase the racism.

Kool G Rap, “Erase Racism,” from Kool G Rap and DJ Polo’s Wanted: Dead or Alive, 1990

I seen her in the subway, on my way to Brooklyn.
“Hello, good lookin, is this seat tooken?”

On the A Train, pickin at her brain,
I couldn’t get her number, I couldn’t get her name.

I said, “I still like your style and fashion,
But I hate your hot sadiddy attitude wit a passion.
Is it because brothers like to hawk a lot?
Is it because your sign don’t talk a lot?”

She turned away, no play, I said, “OK,
You don’t really look good, I hope you have a bad day.”

Rakim, “What’s On Your Mind,” from Eric B. & Rakim’s Don’t Sweat the Technique, 1992

For what it’s worth, I’ve been a hip-hopper from birth.
Try to disrespect, and get your ass played up like a Smurf.

Large Professor, “Actual Facts,” from Lord Finesse’s The Awakening, 1996

Don’t you like when the winter’s gone,
And all of a sudden it starts gettin’ warm?
The trees and the grass start lookin’ fresh,
And the sun and sky be lookin’ their best…

Biz Markie, “Spring Again,” The Biz Never Sleeps, 1989

Look: if I shoot you, I’m brainless,
But if you shoot me, then you’re famous.
What’s a nigga to do?

Jay-Z, “Streets Is Watching,” In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, 1997

Keep bustin about where you rest, and what you own, and what you drive.
So the day some niggaz come for you, I’m really not surprised.

Xzibit, “Three Card Molly,” 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz, 1999

Ain’t nothin’ like hip-hop music;
You like it cause you choose it.
Most DJ’s won’t refuse it,
A lotta sucka MC’s misuse it.

Daddy-O, “Go Stetsa I,” from Stetsasonic’s On Fire, 1986

The poor get worked, the rich get richer,
The world gets worse, do you get the picture?
The poor gets dead, the rich get depressed,
The ugly get mad, the pretty get stressed.
The ugly get violent, the pretty get gone,
The old get stiff, the young get stepped on.

Whoever told you that “it was all good” lied,
So throw your fists up if you not satisfied.

J-Live, “Satisfied,” All of the Above, 2002

I won’t say I’m the baddest, or portray that role,
But I’m in the top 2, and my father’s gettin’ old.

Big Daddy Kane, “Cause I Can Do It Right,” Taste of Chocolate, 1990

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is;
I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis.

Guru, “DWYCK,” from Gang Starr featuring Nice & Smooth DWYCK 12", 1994

Truth had me up against the ropes
And semi-conscious without no boxing skills.

Pharoahe Monch, “The Truth,” Internal Affairs, 1999

There’s so many wack rappers out here, I don’t know where to aim at.

Sticky Fingaz, “Shut ‘Em Down (Remix),” from Onyx’s Shut ‘Em Down, 1998

There ain’t no time to be wasted, the world is going under…
Nowadays, can’t tell Fall from Spring, and Winter from Summer.

Big K.R.I.T., “As Small as a Giant,” K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, 2012

Brothers ain’t half-steppin…they’re walking backwards.

A.G., “Back to Back Rhyming,” from Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth’s Funky Technician, 1990

This country of ours was built on violence;
If your ass got in the way, you was killed in silence.
And these been the ways since back in the days:
Just ask the Indians or the African slaves.

Masta Ace, “The Ways,” A Long Hot Summer, 2004

Some girls barely speak, but always askin’ for a dollar.

Big L, “No Endz, No Skinz,” Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous, 1995

Y’all really think Ms. Shakur, or Ms. Wallace,
Or Ms. Mizell from out in Hollis
Wouldn’t exchange the love and fame
Attached to their loved ones’ names
Just to have ‘em still alive in their arms?

Posdnuos, “Rewind DJ, ” from Eslam Jawaad’s The Mammoth Tusk, 2009

I admit skinz ain’t a reason to lose friends,
But then again I didn’t know. Sorry.

Casual, “I Didn’t Mean To,” Fear Itself, 1994

Lyrics are weak, like clock radio speakers.

GZA, “Liquid Swords,” Liquid Swords, 1995

Nigga hit me on the Sidekick sayin’ he gon’ shoot me:
Soundin’ like a real groupie.
He a bitch with a heater like Lara Croft,
He gonna get his ass wet like Noah’s Ark.
Got the choppa won’t hesitate to squeeze,
Get his ass cut like a Whopper with Cheese.

Danny Brown, “LOL,” from Black Milk and Danny Brown’s Black and Brown, 2011

…And Sunday’s the one day I rest, give thanks, and bless.

Special Ed, “Ready 2 Attack,” Legal, 1990

Educated: no. Stupid: yes.
And when I say “stupid,” I mean stupid fresh.

King Ad Rock, “Hey Ladies,” from Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, 1989

Now we feel the good vibrations…
So many females, so much inspiration.

Opio, “‘93 Til Infinity,” from Souls of Mischief’s ’93 Til Infinity, 1993

I cannot stand no wack MC.
So step back if you please,
And don’t test me, you’re history.

Del the Funky Homosapien, “Wack M.C.’s,” No Need for Alarm, 1993

They say the good die young, so the bad die old.
Guess we somewhere in the middle, so just pray for my soul.

Jon Connor, “Broken Mirrors,” Salvation, 2011

New York, New York, big city of dreams,
Where there’s nothing but foreign cars, bitches, and triple beams.

Fat Joe, “All Luv,” from D.I.T.C.’s All Luv 12", 1998

How can polar bears swing on vines with the gorillas?

Brother J, “Grand Verbalizer,” from X-Clan’s To the East, Blackwards, 1990

I like ‘em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian.

Phife, “Electric Relaxation,” from A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders, 1993

We speak the love language, they speak from pain and anguish.
Some don’t love theyselves, so they perception is tainted.

Talib Kweli, “Love Language,” from Reflection Eternal’s Train of Thought, 2000

Say somethin’ positive? Well positive ain’t where I live.
I live right around the corner from West Hell,
Two blocks from South Shit, and once in a jail cell.

Treach, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Ghetto Bastard),” from Naughty By Nature’s Naughty By Nature, 1991

Ain’t no tellin’ what I’d do for a dollar…
I’m not your father, but guess what I’mma do to ya mama.

Sean P, “Murder,” from DJ JS-1’s No Sellout, 2009