Even through the unseen, I know that God watches,
From one King’s dream, he was able to Barack us.

Common, “The Believer,” The Dreamer/The Believer, 2011

They say sleep is the cousin of death, guess we related…
Cause I’m the most slept on, and the most hated.

The Game, “Sleep When I’m Gone,” from DJ Khaled’s We the Best Forever, 2011

Cloned chickens walking around without heads,
The food is contaminated, the water got lead in it.
Population control, make the babies sick,
All these RFID chips, RU-486…
This is a war against consciousness,
Controlling your soul, sort of a psychological dictatorship.
And we are on the front lines,
Guilty as charged if intellect is a crime.

Pharoahe Monch, “W.A.R.,” W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), 2011

The business of beauty isn’t a natural model;
It’s built to be the opposite of the cultures we topple.
These magazines got you caught in a hustle,
Cause when you starve yourself, your body doesn’t burn fat, it burns muscles.

Immortal Technique, “Natural Beauty,” The Martyr, 2011

Mix me with violence, blend me with peace,
Combine me with hate, and I can’t face defeat.

Diddy, “Someone To Love Me,” from Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris, 2011

The purpose of life is a life with a purpose;
So I’d rather die for a cause than live a life that is worthless.

Immortal Technique, “The Martyr,” The Martyr, 2011

How could you possibly stop the apocalypse when I’m atomic bombin’ the populace?

Crooked I, “Loud Noises,” from Bad Meets Evil’s Hell: The Sequel, 2011

Fuck a blog, dog, cause one day we gon’ meet.

Rick Ross, “Ima Boss,” from Maybach Music Group’s Self Made Vol. 1, 2011

When you fall for a girl named Hope
How you gonna have any when she decides to go?

Machine, “NuBeginning4∞”, from Quelle Chris’ Shotgun & Sleek Rifle, 2011

I swear these niggas from the future…
Where they got camouflage chains and invisible gats
Cause I don’t see none of the shit I hear in their raps.

Quelle Chris, “Sleek Rifle,” Shotgun & Sleek Rifle, 2011

Nigga hit me on the Sidekick sayin’ he gon’ shoot me:
Soundin’ like a real groupie.
He a bitch with a heater like Lara Croft,
He gonna get his ass wet like Noah’s Ark.
Got the choppa won’t hesitate to squeeze,
Get his ass cut like a Whopper with Cheese.

Danny Brown, “LOL,” from Black Milk and Danny Brown’s Black and Brown, 2011

They say the good die young, so the bad die old.
Guess we somewhere in the middle, so just pray for my soul.

Jon Connor, “Broken Mirrors,” Salvation, 2011

They say jealousy is a serious disease.
So I’mma say a prayer for you dudes,
Hope you motherfuckers get well soon.

Lil Fame, “Hard NIggaz,” from M.O.P.’s Sparta, 2011

Linguine linguistics that left my verbal essence saucy,
Send a message, leave you sleepin’ next to headless horsey.

Action Bronson, “Terror Death Camp,” from Action Bronson and Statik Selektah’s Well Done, 2011

‘You Hollywood.’ Nah, nigga, I’m Chicago.
So I cracked his head with a muthafuckin bottle.

Common, “Raw (How You Like It),” The Dreamer, The Believer, 2011

Let’s be honest, the cards’ on the table:
Jealousy’s a sin, Cain killed Abel.
Backstabber…Caesar had Brutus.
It’s hard to weed ‘em out, even Jesus had Judas.

Pusha T, “Sweet Freestyle,” 2011

I just need the junkies and the liars and the thieves,
I need the pimps, prostitutes and pushers out in the streets.
That’s where I’m seeking God, cause that’s where He found me.

Killer Mike, “God in the Building 2,” PL3DGE, 2011

I don’t see the world as you see it.
I see it as a game, and my aim is to complete it.
What you live for is what you die for:
To make a little name, grab some fame and the high score.

Murs, “Ice Cream Mountain,” from McKenzie Eddy’s Slow Your Horse Down, Son, 2011

I’m the ghetto Mr. Universe, call me Lou FerNEGRO,
I push a lot of iron, but I don’t do it in the gym tho.

Lil’ Fame, “Blasphemy (Blast 4 Me)” from M.O.P.’s SPARTA, 2011

Just because love is complex doesn’t mean it has complexion.

Legit, “A Nigger in Northface,” Coloring Outside the Lines, 2011. Video.

I heard when I talk, they all listen,
They hang on every word from the God, they all Christians.
I baptize ‘em with lines, this is y’all christenin’
Bless with the gift of my presence, this y’all’s Christmas.

Torae, “You Ready?” For the Record, 2011

I am to hip-hop what Obama is to politics

Common, “Sweet,” The Dreamer, The Believer, 2011

I’m a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity,
Just hope the Big Man show me some courtesy

Nas, “Like Smoke,” from Amy Winehouse’s Lioness, 2011

If there’s a heaven, I can’t find the stairway

Black Thought, “Make My,” from The Roots’ undun, 2011

I got Lamborghini dreams, eastside nightmares
Movin white…my ice is cool as the night air

Roc Marciano, “Emeralds,” Marcberg: Reloaded, 2011

We shoppers, you bloggers.
If money talks, you mumblers.
You try it on, then take it off,
Then post a pic on your tumblrs.

Pusha T, “Peso Freestyle,” Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray, 2011

I made a new lane for myself and said, ‘Fuck it.’
Why Rage Against the Machine when you can just unplug it?

Phonte, “Everything is Falling Down,” Charity Starts at Home, 2011

I’m puttin’ pressure on you kids like I’m a soccer mom.

Vinnie Paz, “Design in Malice,” from Jedi Mind Tricks’ Violence Begets Violence, 2011

$5 gas and poverty rates are rising much higher than your hourly rate.
So if you thinkin about quittin, you should probably wait,
Cause everybody has to do a fuckin job that they hate.

Phonte, “The Good Fight,” Charity Starts at Home, 2011

When I met you it was magic…
We polar opposites, but attracted like we was magnets.

Talib Kweli, “Beautifully Bad,” from Idle Warship’s Habits of the Heart, 2011

I learned more from Black Star and Black Thought
Than I ever did from any class of any sort.

Toine, “The Struggle Is Real,” from DTMD’s Makin’ Dollas, 2011

Nothin’ taken for granted, just learn from my mistakes.
My will too strong, my spirit’s somethin’ they can’t take.

Slim The Mobster, “South Central Blues,” War Music, 2011

Am I really just a narcissist,
Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?

Rick Ross, “I Love My Bitches,” God Forgives, I Don’t, 2011

If you turn on TV, all you see’s a bunch of ‘what the fucks.’
‘Dude is dating so and so,’ blabberin about ‘such and such.’
And that ain’t Jersey Shore, homie that’s the news.
And these the same people supposedly tellin us the truth.
Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist
Gaza Strip was gettin bombed, Obama didn’t say shit.
That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either,
I’m a part of the problem, my problem is I’m peaceful
And I believe in the people.

Lupe Fiasco, “Words I Never Said,” Lasers, 2011

Niggas’ rap albums sound like love letters,
Pen in my hand, like: damn, fam, I could do much better.

Sean Price, “Chewbacca,” from Random Axe, 2011

True originator, innovator and creator,
Thinkin’ independent but I’m sayin’ something major.

One Be Lo, “Sheep’s Clothing,” LABOR, 2011

Rappers on their sophomores…actin’ like they boss lords.
Fame’s such a funny thing for sure when niggas start believing all those encores.

Pusha T, “Don’t Fuck Wit Me,” Dreams Money Can Buy Freestyle, 2011

Rockin’ gay apparel, them jeans will make you sterile,
I’m steady stockin ammo, cocking the double barrel.

Apathy, “Stop What Ya Doin,” Honkey Kong, 2011

It’s hard bein’ real in a world that’s a fallacy.

Meyhem Lauren, “Just Can’t Win,” Self-Induced Illness, 2011

The colder the weather, the bigger the gun
Got to rock a lot of clothes if you tryina hide one
In June it’s .22’s, February it’s fifths
But all year round, it’s 616.

Willie the Kid, “The Colder the Weather,” 2011

Every little fuck up, they blame it on Barack
Cause he just like Gucci, born in the trap.

Game, “Born In The Trap,” The R.E.D. Album, 2011

Real dudes move in silence…like a mute drivin a new hybrid.

Royce Da 5’9", “Writer’s Block,” Success is Certain, 2011

Call me Charlie Bucket, attitude is fuck it,
No golden ticket so I’m ballin on a budget.

Apathy, “Check to Check,” Honkey Kong, 2011

Let’s test the waters…
Love makes a splash, and you too thick to skinny-dip.

Pusha T, “Lovely,” from John West’s John West, 2011

I don’t fuck with LOL or BRB,
I’m more LONS or PRT.

Apathy, “The Recipe,” Honkey Kong, 2011

The sky is falling, the wind is calling,
Stand for something, or die in the morning.

Kendrick Lamar, “HiiPower,” Section.80, 2011

Large Professor, none greater none fresher,
Won’t fold under pressure…grew up down the road from Fran Drescher.

Large Professor, “Key to the City,” Professor at Large, 2011

As the wind made love to the seas,
The sand danced to the rhythm of the breeze.

Blu, “My Sunshine,” NoYork!, 2011

Mr. Beck, Mr. O’Reilly, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity,
How could you sell white America your insanity?
You tell them that they’re different and manipulate their vanity
When truthfully, financially, their life is a calamity.
Otherwise they wouldn’t be listening to the remedy,
So they is not as broke as the people that they don’t want be.
Convincin’ em that rich Republicans is what they gonna be,
So they act like Ronald Reagan, and like him they awful actors
Who look up to the rich, like dumb kids look up to rappers,
And that’s about as dumb as a donkey pullin a tractor.
Yes, that’s a Democrat diss, I’m a detractor,
So whether you vote right or vote left, it’s not a factor
When you ain’t got no care for your health…ay this America
They gon’ put your ass in debt…sumtin terrible
So you can disrespect presidents, and call them Socialists
But Palin and Pelosi both gon’ have you broke as shit.

Killer Mike, “That’s Life II,” Pl3dge, 2011

Roll big blunts, a whole ounce of reefer
Rocked that ‘Black and Yellow’ before Wiz Khalifa
It’s a killer bee color scheme

Ghostface Killah, “Legendary Weapons,” from Wu-Tang’s Legendary Weapons, 2011

The pressure is harsh and maybe I was destined to break,
Stay official when your brother’s a fake.

Has-Lo, “Build Jewelz,” In Case I Don’t Make It, 2011

You ain’t as hard as you act.
When I GPS ‘pussy,’ I end up at your welcome mat…

Vakill, “Appetite to Kill,” Armor of God, 2011

Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive.

Kanye West, “Otis,” Watch the Throne, 2011

You owe dough? You ain’t give up that cheese? Hey…
Sooner or later, you’ll Pay, Pal (no eBay).

Joell Ortiz, “Seven Deuce,” from The Life and Times of Sebastian Rios, 2011

Last time I failed is when I fell in love with distractions.

Lil B, “Exhibit 6,” Angels Exodus, 2011

This is a robbery, boy, gimme them dollars.
We hit the lottery, boy, it’s in ya wallets!

RZA, “Robbery,” featuring Rev. William Burke, 2011

You were perfect before you went on a diet,
You was way thicker, you think I don’t remember?
Shit…the magazines got to ya head…

Andre 3000, “Dedication to My Ex,” from Lloyd’s King of Hearts, 2011

You gotta get back to your essence,
Use your gifts and share your presence,
Don’t count your dollars ‘til you count your blessings.

Talib Kweli, “Self Savior,” Gutter Rainbows, 2011

I never see the whips niggas be claimin’ they drivin,
I guess ‘entertainment’ means blatantly lyin’.

Nas, “Nasty,” Life is Good, 2011

It seems a nigga can’t get a job but CAN get arrested.
Thought shit was changin’ with this black president shit…

Killer Mike, “Burn,” Pl3dge, 2011

Now that Bin Laden dead, can we get our civil liberties back?
That George Bush stole with the Patriot Act?

Ras Kass, “Hello Iraq (Bin Laden Post Mortem)”, Endangered Lyricist, Vol 3, 2011

I’m like Demerol…
No disrespect to the Jacksons, but I kill mics.

Cyhi Da Prynce, “Top of the World,” Royal Flush mixtape, 2011

Pass me the scalpel, I’ll make an incision,
I’ll cut off the part of your brain that does the bitching…

MCA, “Make Some Noise,” from Beastie Boys’ Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, 2011

If you are not performing fellatio for radio rotation,
What’s the ratio for radio play at your station?
If you’re not paying to play, the record is dead.
Puts a whole new spin on ‘Radio-head’

Pharaohe Monch, “Hitman,” W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), 2011

I’d rather be dead than watch wack shit.
Color me gone, fill in the dirt, tell ‘em i kicked
10 buckets…

Jean Grae, “R.I.P.,” Cake or Death, 2011

We was sneakin’ in and it was general admission,
Now we ownin’ the arena and decidin’ who allowed in it.

Curren$y, “Rooftops,” from Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers, 2011

So let me explain the game,
Break it down a couple of levels like Tetris:
These young uns kill they own blood for a necklace,
Leave ya slumped over the wheel of ya Lexus,
Smoke kush, wake up and eat breakfast…
…what the fuck you expect?

Pharoahe Monch, “Black Hand Side,” W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), 2011

You can hear the seven sins
Blowin’ through the ghetto wind…

Rakim, “In the Ghetto (Wake Up!)” from J. Period’s Wake Up Radio, 2011

They tell me ‘find God’ like I don’t know where He at.
And if He lost, then why we followin’ Him?
Just acknowledge the fact that a Father exists,
And a Devil’s alive…I’m just caught in the mix.

Fashawn, “Nothin’ for the Radio,” from Higher Learning Vol. 2, 2011

We in the 25th hour,
It’s now or never.
We gotta get it ‘fore it’s gone forever.
In the end, time waits for no man…
What’s your plan?

REKS, “25th Hour,” Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme, 2011

It’s a new year, new year, new money, money!

Rick Ross, “Speedin’ (Remix),” 2008

Black Thoughts (The Roots) • “I Remember” • 2011

It’s only human to express the way you really feel,
But that same humanity is my Achilles’ heel.
A leopard can’t change his spots and never will;
So I’m forever ill…now I can never chill.

– Black Thought, “I Remember,” from The Roots’ undun, 2011

Niggas’ rap albums sound like love letters,
Pen in my hand, like: damn, fam, I could do much better.

Sean Price, “Chewbacca,” from Random Axe, 2011. R.I.P!

I never understood Planned Parenthood,
Cause I never met nobody planned to be a parent in the hood.

Kanye West, “The Joy,” from Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne, 2011. More from Kanye…

The military ain’t there for the people’s protection,
They’re just there to protect an investment.
That’s why people get arrested, electrocuted, molested,
Connected streets are infested with those tired of protesting.
Traumatized children grown in guerrilla garrisons,
9/11 generations pale in comparison.
And you will learn a lesson repeated through history:
That no matter what you think, occupation is not victory.

Immortal Technique, “Angels & Demons,” The Martyr, 2011. More from Immortal Technique >

Took a vow to protect and serve,
All you do is disrespect and murder.
I ask that you not hurt my kids;
This is where you work…this is where I live.

Ka, “Mr. Officer,” Iron Works, 2011. More quotes from Ka…

They say ‘Love Jesus’ and ‘Listen to your pastor,’
But Jesus told the truth, and the pastor’s a lying bastard.
All he talk about is economic elevation,
And all Jesus talked about was soul salvation.
Jesus sat with the sick and he walked with the poor,
If He gave blood for our sins, why we giving more?
I got some Gangster Disciples at church with me tonight,
With five dollars worth of gas, and a matchbook to light.

Killer Mike, “Burn,” Pl3dge, 2011. More serious lyrics from Mike Bigga >

Tell ‘em the truth and they call you a traitor,
Talk to ’em honestly and they call you a hater.

Immortal Technique, “Eye in the Sky,” from The Martyr, 2011

Love is love, love is real, love is great.
But when it isn’t reciprocated, it could become hate.

Apathy, “It’s Only Hip-Hop,” Honkey Kong, 2011