You gotta understand: I’m a man with needs that needs fulfilling.
And if you ain’t with it, somebody else is willing.

Lord Jamar, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” from Brand Nubian’s In God We Trust, 1993

There’s a million ways to live on this thing called a planet,
I’mma live everyday, I ain’t takin’ nothing for granted.

Sadat X, “The Next Spot,” from High School High soundtrack, 1996

Let’s advance the game:
How many times can we rhyme about cars and chains?
How many bricks can a nigga really sell?
How many times can a nigga really go to jail?
How many murders can you do on one album?
Put ‘em together, must of did about a thousand.
I’m just saying, let’s change it up.
If not, nigga, hang it up.

Lord Jamar, “Advance the Game,” The 5% Album, 2006

Next time you see a brother down
Stop and pick him up,
Cause you might be the next one stuck.

Grand Puba, “Mind Your Business,” Ya Know How It Goes 12", 1992

A forty and a blunt, that’s all she really wants.

Grand Puba, “Slow Down,” from Brand Nubian’s One for All, 1990

Get wreck in the kitchen like she on the Cooking Channel,
And then hide the heat in the car door…
God damn, she’s a mother-to-be, ya hope for twins,
Give me a whole tribe!
And be as sexy as Janet was on the cover of Vibe.

Sadat X, “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head,” from Brand Nubian’s Foundation, 1998

Grand Puba (Brand Nubian) • “Slow Down” • 1990

As the jewels jingle from the hot young and single little stunt,
A forty and a blunt…that’s all she really wants.
But she’ll spend your papes, and she’ll use up all your plastic.
And if you swing an ep, you’d better wear a prophylactic
Cause things are getting drastic…
Slide up in the wrong one, you’ll end up in a casket.

Grand Puba, “Slow Down,” from Brand Nubian’s One For All, 1990

I do my thing like B.B. King, my microphone is named Lucille.

Sadat X (fka Derek X), “Feels So Good,” from Brand Nubian’s One for All, 1990. RIP to blues legend B.B. King

I knew this girl named Tropicana,
She’s always juicin’.
Producing cash for a sexual task.
She loves men that trick like Halloween and treat…
You ain’t paid? Then your grade is incomplete.

Lord Jamar, “Slow Down,” from Brand Nubian’s One For All, 1990. More from the Brand Nubian Gods…

Damn it’s a shame you’re the mighty queen of vials,
With a wide-eyed look and a rotten-toothed smile.
Used to walk with a swagger, now you simply stagger
From one spot on, to the next spot on, to the next spot on, to the next…

Derek X (now known as Sadat X), “Slow Down,” from Brand Nubian’s One For All, 1990