Love is love, love is real, love is great.
But when it isn’t reciprocated, it could become hate.

Apathy, “It’s Only Hip-Hop,” Honkey Kong, 2011

You don’t know about hell unless you walk through it;
Can’t recognize the devil’s face unless you talk to it.

Apathy, “School for Scoundrels,” 2012

Rockin’ gay apparel, them jeans will make you sterile,
I’m steady stockin ammo, cocking the double barrel.

Apathy, “Stop What Ya Doin,” Honkey Kong, 2011

Call me Charlie Bucket, attitude is fuck it,
No golden ticket so I’m ballin on a budget.

Apathy, “Check to Check,” Honkey Kong, 2011

I don’t fuck with LOL or BRB,
I’m more LONS or PRT.

Apathy, “The Recipe,” Honkey Kong, 2011