Hit the barber for the taper, ‘fore I call Tracy,
Now my ex wanna trace my steps like Dick Tracy.
Chill on the pills love, you think I’m dicking Tracy?

Blu, “Well Fare,” Good to be Home, 2014. More gems from Blu >

Either she love me or she hate me…either way, she crazy.

Blu, “Well Fare,” It’s Good To Be Home, 2014

How you picture tomorrow with the wrong frame of mind?
How you picture love, if you were blind?

Blu, “My Hoe,” from Statik Selektah’s Extended Play, 2013

I wonder, who do you believe in? I know it ain’t me,
I hope it ain’t a priest, or who you seen on TV.
I hope it ain’t your poppa, potna, he only raised you.
And I know it ain’t your mom, even though that’s who you came through…

Blu, “A Man,” from Blu & Exile’s Maybe One Day, 2012

You can call it hell…
But I say it’s below the heavens.

Blu, “The World Is…(Below the Heavens),” from Blu & Exile’s Below the Heavens, 2007

Fuck jewels: I think my soul glows bright enough.
And fuck whips: I learn more when I ride the bus.
And fuck, it’s bad enough that we fight for bucks.
And fuck hoes: cause in the end I need a wife to love.

Blu, “Show Me the Good Life,” Below the Heavens, 2007

As the wind made love to the seas,
The sand danced to the rhythm of the breeze.

Blu, “My Sunshine,” NoYork!, 2011

You gotta try hard to be yourself…
Cause you can’t go to heaven being anybody else.

Blu, “Below The Heavens, Pt I,” Below The Heavens, 2007

Every day is like a blank canvas,
Carving my initials in the planet like I brand it.
Hand-picked to live this life we take for granted,
Like a child with an upright bass, we can’t stand it.

Blu, “The Day,” from The Roots’ How I Got Over, 2010

I had to travel light speed to dodge that black cloud
Rainin’ on my parade.
Sun shinin’ but there ain’t enough shade.

Blu, “Seasons,” Video, 2010