Now on the first day of Christmas, my homeboy gave to me
A sack of the krazy glue and told me to smoke it up slowly.
Now on the second day of Christmas, my homeboy gave to me
A fifth of Hendog and told me to take my mind off that weed.
Now by the third day of Christmas, my big homeboy gave to me
A whole lot of everything, and it wasn’t nuthin’ but game to me.

Snoop Dogg, “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto,” from Christmas on Death Row, 1996

I only drink Cristal, or Imperial Moet,
No more weak ass Rose, that’s why the game too sweet.
We don’t wear tight ass clothes, we don’t do down South beats,
That ain’t New York–I restore our identification,
‘Cause dick-riding never been a form of transportation.

Troy Ave, “Cigar Smoke,” New York City, 2013

I’m hooked on gin and tonics like your mama’s Hooked on Phonics.

Tash, “Make Room,” from Tha Alkaholiks’ 21 & Over, 1993

I been drunk most my life, don’t ask me why.
Through ninth grade, I ain’t go to high school,
…I went to school high.

Styles P, “Recognize,” from The LOX We Are The Streets, 2000

Bitch is in the back looking righteous
In a tight dress…I think I might just
Hit her with a little Biggie 101:
How to tote a gun,
And have fun with Jamaican rum.

The Notorious B.I.G., “Party and Bullshit,” from Who’s The Man? soundtrack, 1993

I drink twenty forties, smoke forty blunts,
Say a hundred rhymes, and not sound like you once.

Dres, “Roll  Wit Tha Flava,” from Flavor Unit’s Roll Wit Tha Flava, 1993

Woke up quick, at about noon.
Just thought that I had to be in Compton soon.
I gotta get drunk before the day begins,
Before my mother starts bitchin bout my friends.

Eazy-E, “Boyz-N-The-Hood (remix),” Eazy Duz It, 1988

I’m complexicated like a Rubik’s Cube puzzle,
Who said I drink? I don’t drink, I guzzle.

Subroc, “Sweet Premium Wine,” from K.M.D.’s Black Bastards, 1994

The route to all evil…daily I chase it.
Blow it on weed and drink, and hustle to replace it.

Eight Ball, “Where Ya From,” from Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik, 1999

A forty and a blunt, that’s all she really wants.

Grand Puba, “Slow Down,” from Brand Nubian’s One for All, 1990

Uh oh, it’s beer o’clock, I think I’m sober.
How about we think this over, over a can of King Cobra?

Viktor Vaughn, “Raedawn,” Vaudeville Villain, 2003

Every time the ball drop on New Year’s Eve,
We toast to more money, we smoke to more cheese…

Prodigy, “New Yitty,” H.N.I.C. Part 2, 2008

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We don’t just say “No”, we too busy sayin’ “Yeah!”
To drinkin’ straight out the eight bottle…
Do I look like a muthafuckin’ role model?!

Ice Cube, “Gangsta Gangsta,” from N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton, 1988

I used to be in love with this bitch named E&J,
Don’t fuck with her no more, now I fuck with Tanqueray.
Tanqueray introduced me to her first cousin Gold,
Last name was English and the first name Olde.

Prodigy, “Drink Away the Pain (Situations),” from Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, 1995

I’m hooked on gin and tonics like your mama’s Hooked on Phonics

Tash, “Make Room,” from Tha Alkaholiks’ 21 & Over, 1993 

Slug • “Arthur’s Song” • 2014

Sippin’ on that brown stuff
Got you feeling like you found love,
Or maybe it was just luck.
But honestly…it’s probably none of the above.

– Slug, “Arthur’s Song” from Atmosphere’s Southsiders, 2014.

Dutch in my ear, Olde E in my palm,
I Freddy Krueger your face, Michael Myers your moms.
You botherin mine? That’s when I’m sparkin the nine.

Sean Price, “King Kong,” Jesus Price Supastar, 2007. R.I.P!

I mastered The Art of War before a nigga read Sun Tzu,
Third degree black-belt, master of Gun-Fu.
Pop pills, smoke weed, even get drunk too;
And you do what you can, and I do what I want to.

Sean Price, “Like You,” Jesus Price Supastar, 2007. More from P!

When I drink a brew for you, I pour some on the block, son.
You might be gone, but you damn sure ain’t forgotten.

Big Mike, “6 Feet Under,” from The Geto Boys’ Till Death Do Us Part, 1993

Save your wack rhymes, hold your female.
Pass the Old Gold, trash the ale.
Cash your food stamps, get the WIC out the mail.
Love to eat shrimps, but I never eat snail,
Eat a whole fish except for the tail.
Keep food in the fridge so it don’t get stale,
And when there’s nothing to eat…I bite my nails.

Big Daddy Kane, “On the Bugged Tip,” Long Live the Kane, 1988. More ill quotes from the King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal…

Funny how things change when you got a liquor in ya:
You’re quicker with the tongue, givin’ me rhythm now.
Block the music and the people out to admire the love,
The nerve of us…impervious to the entire club.
And like marijuana shotguns, let’s blow this joint,
It’s pointless to stay here, so let me anoint.

Pharoahe Monch, “The Light,” Internal Affairs, 1999. More Pharoahe Monch quotes.