The motto goes: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll.
I prefer: Love, Hugs and Hip-Hop Soul.

Zev Love X (aka MF Doom), “Figure of Speech,” from K.M.D.’s Mr. Hood, 1991. More MF Doom quotes…

I’m complexicated like a Rubik’s Cube puzzle,
Who said I drink? I don’t drink, I guzzle.

Subroc, “Sweet Premium Wine,” from K.M.D.’s Black Bastards, 1994

Only in America could you find a way to make a healthy buck,
And still keep your attitude on self-destruct.

MF Doom, “Rhymes Like Dimes,” Operation Doomsday, 1999

I keep the ugly rhymes in the cellar of my cranium,
Where no one can see them or hear cries for freedom.
Chopped up raw thoughts the only thing I feed ‘em,
Release the beats from the cellar when I need ‘em.

MF Grimm, “What a Nigga Know? (Remix),” from K.M.D.’s Black Bastards, 1993. More from Grimm…