Tag: Texas

  • When I drink a brew for you, I pour some on the block, son.
    You might be gone, but you damn sure ain’t forgotten.

    Big Mike, “6 Feet Under,” from The Geto Boys’ Till Death Do Us Part, 1993
  • My momma did her part,
    But it ain’t her fault that I was born without a heart.
    In other words: I’m heartless dude.
    I don’t love me…how the fuck I’mma love you?

    Scarface, “Born Killer,” Mr. Scarface is Back, 1991
  • I got a girl and she treat me fine,
    But the homies all think that I’m losin’ my mind.
    I’m trippin’ and I know it cause I’m all nerved up,
    Cause everytime I go to sleep, I see this big ol’ butt.
    See, I ain’t never gave no chick 4 stars,
    But she treat me so good that she be drivin my car.
    And every day it get better, I can’t lie,
    Went to the house and she made me some hot potato pie.
    All my friends be sayin, “She ain’t nothin but a scrub!”
    But she make me feel high like I’m hooked on drugs.
    So I give her what she need, and what’s done is done,
    But I’m a special kind of fool but ayo, it don’t bother me none.
    I can’t help myself, I know that I’m trippin’,
    But she got it goin’ on like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Pimp C, “Use Me Up,” from UGK’s Too Hard to Swallow, 1992