There’s four sides to every story‚Ķ
If these walls could talk, they’d probably still ignore me.

Viktor Vaughn, aka MF Doom, “Lickupon,” Vaudeville Villain, 2003. More MF Doom quotes…

Listenin to nothin, takin no suggestions,
All destructive criticisms that can’t improve on perfection.

MF Doom is Viktor Vaughn, “The Drop,” Vaudeville Villain, 2003

Uh oh, it’s beer o’clock, I think I’m sober.
How about we think this over, over a can of King Cobra?

Viktor Vaughn, “Raedawn,” Vaudeville Villain, 2003

A lot of crews like to act like a violent mob,
They really need to just shut the fuck up like Silent Bob.

Viktor Vaughn, “Saliva,” Vaudeville Villain, 2003