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  • They said he was dangerous, well, I’m concerned…
    How could he be so dangerous with his back turned?
    They said, “Freeze! Halt!” The brother stopped
    Threw his hands in the air, yeah, and still he got shot.
    They said he had a shiny object in his hand,
    So they killed the man.
    And is this justice? No way, José.
    He didn’t get arrested, he was suspended with pay.
    Talk about armed and dangerous, accounted…
    How come I never heard nothin else about it?
    I’m dead up, I’m goin head up, see, the buck stops
    Here. I’m sick and tired of corrupt cops.
    I gotta drop, cause I don’t think it will ever stop
    My brain is a Tec-9 and it’s kept cocked.
    And it’s got just a few more rounds to go,
    They’re goin pound for pound, blow for blow.
    You want peace? Let the unjust stuff cease:
    If we don’t have justice, there’ll be no peace.

    Lakim Shabazz, “No Justice No Peace,” The Lost Tribe of Shabazz, 1990
  • I drink twenty forties, smoke forty blunts,
    Say a hundred rhymes, and not sound like you once.

    Dres, “Roll  Wit Tha Flava,” from Flavor Unit’s Roll Wit Tha Flava, 1993
  • She’s got charm, a firearm to match mine,
    Goin to the movies packin his and her nine’s.
    Wearin Carhartt and leather, motherfuck the weather,
    On Valentine’s Day doin stick-ups together.
    No one to blame, no shame in her game,
    And when we fuck, she makes me scream out her name.

    Apache, “Gangsta Bitch,” Apache Ain’t Shit, 1994
  • If you ain’t never been to the ghetto,
    Don’t ever come to the ghetto,
    ‘Cause you wouldn’t understand the ghetto,
    So stay the fuck out of the ghetto.

    Treach, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Ghetto Bastard),” from Naughty By Nature’s Naughty By Nature, 1991