Yes I’m highly explosive, yes I’m something ferocious,
Niggas fuckin with my nerves like multiple sclerosis.

Lil’ Fame, “Black Out,” from The Man With the Iron Fists Soundtrack, 2012

Ain’t no love lost, cause there was never none there.

Billy Danze, “Hood Music,” from Memphis Bleek’s M.A.D.E., 2003

They say jealousy is a serious disease.
So I’mma say a prayer for you dudes,
Hope you motherfuckers get well soon.

Lil Fame, “Hard NIggaz,” from M.O.P.’s Sparta, 2011

Spit fire from my hammer like I wasn’t God’s child…

Billy Danze, “4 Alarm Blaze,” from M.O.P.’s First Family 4 Life, 1998

I’m the ghetto Mr. Universe, call me Lou FerNEGRO,
I push a lot of iron, but I don’t do it in the gym tho.

Lil’ Fame, “Blasphemy (Blast 4 Me)” from M.O.P.’s SPARTA, 2011

The most beautifullest thing in the world is a .44 Desert Eagle.

Billy Danze, “Stick To Ya Gunz,” Firing Squad, 1996

Niggaz thought M.O.P. stand for “mop” and shit…

Lil’ Fame, “Cold As Ice,” Warriorz, 2000

Ayyyo, you know what I love (What’s that?)
It’s when motherfuckers assume
That they ass can’t get popped at 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

Billy Danze, “I Luv,” from M.O.P.’s First Family 4 Life, 1998

30 rack on a neck of a artist (Say what?)
About another 20K on his arm (Say what?)
This nigga flashin’ 50 grand,
Walk around here, lookin like food for the wolves.
Listen! Illuminati rap: we don’t ride to that,
Everybody poppin’ molly…look at how they act.
(Y’all sweatin’) The whole place emotional,
Wake up to find out some dude’s Frank Ocean’ed you.

Lil’ Fame, “187,” from M.O.P.’s Street Certified, 2014.