Everything has a price…
No matter if it’s fortune, fame or your life.
I understood later that it’s all about paper,
Everything has a fee in the land of the free.

O.C., “Land of the Free,” from Show & A.G.’s Live Hard, 2007

What’s the remedy? Suckaz better get their own identity,
And to the enemy, you better roll like there’s ten of me.

A.G., “Next Level,” from Show and A.G.’s Goodfellas, 1995

I like my pockets fat, not flat.

Showbiz, “Diggin’ in the Crates,” from Showbiz & A.G.’s Soul Clap EP, 1992

Big Pun • “Drop It Heavy” • 1998

Now what’s the problem?
You ain’t nothin’ like you said on your album.
I thought you was wildin’,
Bustin’ your guns and runnin’ the Island.
You wasn’t violent, you was silent tryin’ to get college credits.
How pathetic…did it to get out of calisthenics.

Big Pun, “Drop It Heavy,” from Show & A.G.’s Full Scale EP, 1998

Peace to every single rapper on this whole earth;
Sellouts got no worth…
I think they better go soul search.

A.G., “Next Level,” from Show & A.G.’s Goodfellas, 1995