Tag: Digital Underground

  • Now I don’t want to be a dopeman, listen:
    I didn’t have a dime, a nickel, penny, a pot to piss in.
    See, all my clothes had holes and they fit tight,
    Pray to God cause it’s hard trying to live right.
    Waiting on the train, can’t hang with the street gangs,
    Making me insane, putting rain on my whole brain.
    But the train means change to better thangs;
    Can’t live with the negative and ghetto pains.
    Can’t be late, can’t wait to get to where we’re going,
    Almost ten to four and I’m sure that the train is showing.
    But I ain’t sure where it goes, I don’t really know it,
    But I got faith, that’s all it takes to get to where we’re going.

    2Pac, “The D-Flo Shuttle,” from Digital Underground’s Sons of the P, 1991. More 2Pac Quotes.
  • All right, stop whatcha doin, cause I’m about to ruin
    The image and the style that you’re used to.

    Shock G. aka Humpty Hump, “The Humpty Dance,” from Digital Underground’s Sex Packets, 1990
  • God damn! Drug dealers dealin’ to the kiddies,
    Livin’ in the city ain’t no pity on the itty-bitty.
    We try to cry, but still they all die,
    I try to speak to the youth, and the truth is: they all high.

    2Pac, “Wassup Wit The Luv?,” from Digital Underground’s The Body-Hat Syndrome, 1993