My life is like a song and I think I know the words,
And as I start to sing along the whole verse becomes a blur.
So I freestyle improv, make mistakes and evolve,
The obstacles repeat, cause naturally it revolves.

MURS, “18 with a Bullet (Remix),” The End of the Beginning, 2003

MURS • “18 w/a Bullet” • 2002

See my life is like a song, I just don’t know the words,

So as I try to hum along people say that I’m disturbed.

Stare and call me a loon, say I’m singin’ out of tune,

But my musics’ got direction so I know what I’m doin’.

Don’t know where I’m goin’ but I got to keep movin’,

Even if my next step is obscured by the present…

Gotta find the next rung on the stairway to heaven.

– MURS, “18 w/a Bullet,” …The End of the Beginning, 2002.