I’m your idol, the highest title, Numero Uno,
I’m not a Puerto Rican, but I’m speakin so that you know,
And understand, I got the gift of speech,
And it’s a blessin, so listen to the lesson I preach…

Special Ed, “I Got it Made,” Youngest in Charge, 1989

…And Sunday’s the one day I rest, give thanks, and bless.

Special Ed, “Ready 2 Attack,” Legal, 1990

Think, just blink and I made…a million rhymes.
Just imagine if you blinked…a million times.
Damn, I’d be paid…I got it made.

Special Ed, “I Got It Made,” Youngest In Charge, 1989

Special Ed • “Ready 2 Attack” • 1990

Christmas is over and this is my resolution:
To stop the confusion.
Let the fresh get fresh, and the stale get staler
And throw em in a pail of
Trash…with the other trash, and smash down the lid,
For all the weak shit they did.

Special Ed, “Ready 2 Attack,” Legal, 1990

I’m outspoken; my language is broken into a slang,
But it’s just a dialect that I select when I hang.

Special Ed, “I Got It Made,” Youngest in Charge, 1989. More from Special Ed…