Tag: gangs

  • Having that gang war?
    We want to know what you’re fighting for.
    Fighting over colors?
    All that gang shit’s for dumb motherfuckers.
    But you go on thinking you’re hard…
    Come to New York and we’ll see who gets robbed.
    Take your jheri curls, take your black hats,
    Take your wack lyrics and your bullshit tracks.
    Now you’re mad and you’re thinking about stomping?
    Well I’m from the South Bronx…Fuck Compton.

    Tim Dog, “Fuck Compton,” Penicillin on Wax, 1991.
  • Now he from the BX, but he really soft,
    And he from BK, but his guns don’t go off.
    He from cop-killer Queens, but he still getting robbed,
    And he from money-makin, but he ain’t on his job.
    Now he from LA, but he’s scared to bang,
    And he from Texas, but he will do the damn thing.
    He’d stay in VA, but he is scared of the streets,
    And he’s from Chi, but he’s sweet as a peach.

    Keith Murray, “They Tell Me,” from EPMD’s We Mean Business, 2008

  • I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking,
    King of my jungle, just a gangster stalking.

    – Ice-T, “Colors,” from Colors Soundtrack, 1988