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  • ‘Yo I’m from Africa’
    Boy you’re just a faker.
    Name one city: ‘Uhh, Jamaica!’
    Wrong! And I think that’s a shame,
    An African look with an American name…

    King Sun, “Be Black,” Righteous but Ruthless, 1990
  • Mindless violence, well let me try to paint it.
    Here’s the 5 steps in hopes to explain it:

    1, It’s me and my Nation against the World
    2, Then me and my Clan against the Nation
    3, Then me and my Fam against the Clan
    4, Then me and my Brother, we no hesitation
    Go against the Fam until they cave in
    5, Now who’s left in this deadly equation?

    That’s right, it’s me against my Brother
    Then we point a Kalashnikov
    And kill one another.

    K’naan, “Tribal Wars,” from Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives, 2010