Some of you been trying to write rhymes for years,
But weak ideas irritate my ears.
Is this the best that you can make?
Cause if not, and you got more…I’ll wait.

Rakim, “Move the Crowd,” from Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid in Full, 1987

They use the simple back and forth, the same, old rhythm
That a baby can pick up, and join, right with ‘em.
But their rhymes are pathetic, they think they copacetic
Using nursery terms, at least not poetic…

Kool Keith, “Ego Trippin,” from Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown, 1988

Let’s advance the game:
How many times can we rhyme about cars and chains?
How many bricks can a nigga really sell?
How many times can a nigga really go to jail?
How many murders can you do on one album?
Put ‘em together, must of did about a thousand.
I’m just saying, let’s change it up.
If not, nigga, hang it up.

Lord Jamar, “Advance the Game,” The 5% Album, 2006

Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal,
MC’s spit rhymes to uplift their people.

KRS-One, “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been),” 2007

Fake MC’s – they always act hard
But won’t walk the streets without their bodyguards.

Guru, “Suckas Need Bodyguards,” from Gang Starr’s Hard To Earn, 1994

This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul, this is gospel
This is sanctified sick, this is player Pentecostal.
This is church front pew, Amen, pulpit,
What my people need and the opposite of bullshit.

Killer Mike, “R.A.P. Music,” R.A.P. Music, 2012

There oughta be laws against you yappin’ your jaws.

Guru, “Take it Personal,” from Gang Starr’s Daily Operation, 1992

This is doomsday for MCs with hollow skills,
Who talk about clothing articles and dollar bills,
And fake ass rides that they don’t even drive.
Hip-hop is war and only strong MCs will survive.

Holocaust, “Doomsday,” from Killarmy’s Dirty Weaponry, 1998

We live in an era where it ain’t about dope rhymes.
When beef is online, and how big is your co-sign…

Jon Connor, “Hova Mojo,” The Blue Album, 2012

Two years ago, a friend of mine
Asked me to say some MC rhymes.
So I said this rhyme I’m about to say
The rhyme was def a’ then it went this way…

Run, “Sucker M.C.’s,” from Run-D.M.C., 1984

What’s up with this nonsense?
Wack ass jams with a built-in dance?
Rappers snap they fingers in a b-boy stance?
Radio play it all day, but real rap no chance?
Real rap don’t mean “take ‘em to school.”
I like bitches, cars and money, but I use my brains too.

Bishop Lamont, “Without You,” from Little Brother and Mick Boogie’s …And Justus For All, 2007

Rappers on their sophomores…actin’ like they boss lords.
Fame’s such a funny thing for sure when niggas start believing all those encores.

Pusha T, “Don’t Fuck Wit Me,” Dreams Money Can Buy Freestyle, 2011

Guru (Gang Starr) • “Take It Personal” • 1992

Rap is an art, you can’t own no loops.
It’s how you hook ‘em up and the rhyme style, troop.
So don’t even think you could say someone bit
Off your weak beat, come on, you need to quit.

Guru, “Take it Personal,” from Gang Starr’s Daily Operation, 1992

MC’s are just hopeless:
They think record sales make them the dopest!

KRS-One, “Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight),” I Got Next, 1997. More from KRS…

I don’t know why y’all so highly regarded;
You rhyme like you’re borderline mildly retarded.

Royce da 5′9″, “You Should Know,” from Royce & DJ Premier’s PRhyme, 2014.

More rhymes are funny now, happy and silly now.
Happy-go-lucky on the mic, and meanwhile,
You standin’ still, lookin out for a good rhyme,
Makin the wack junk, wastin’ my good time.

Kool Keith, “I Ain’t Takin’ No Shorts,” from the Ultramagnetic MC’s New York What Is Funky, 1996. More from Kool Keith…

I’ll never understand why a wack rapper tries and
Convinces himself that his image is so fly and
That’s the type of crap you know I’m not buying…
Chumps lack the beats and their rhymes don’t apply.

Guru, “Much Too Much (Mack a Mil),” from Gang Starr’s Daily Operation, 1992. More from Guru…

Most rappers these days is actors,
And I can’t keep watching the same movie.

Mick Jenkins, “Jazz,” The Water[s], 2014

A lot of rappers be like one time wonders,
Couldn’t say a fly rhyme if there was one right under their noses…
I hate those motherfuckin posers.

Guru, “Mass Appeal,” from Gang Starr’s Hard to Earn, 1994 (via ninetynow)