My father always told me to wisen up, son.
Cause if you hung with nine broke friends, you’re bound to be the tenth one.

Parrish Smith, “It Wasn’t Me, It Was the Fame,” from EPMD’s Unfinished Business, 1989

Parrish Smith aka PMD • “So Wat Cha Sayin?” • 1989

People round town talkin’ this and that,
Of how we sound like The R, and our music was wack.
Dropped the album Strictly Business, and you thought we was bold.
Thirty days later…the LP went gold.
So what you sayin?

Parrish Smith aka PMD, “So Wat Cha Sayin?,” from EPMD’s Unfinished Business, 1989

I clock G’s while you clock Z’s.
And I don’t smoke crack…I smoke MC’s.

PMD, “Rampage,” from EPMD’s Business As Usual, 1990

The rap era’s outta control,
Brothers’ sellin their soul to go gold…
Going, going, gone, another rapper sold!

Parrish Smith, “Crossover,” EPMD’s Business Never Personal, 1993